Music fo sho

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Blog

Hey all I have a new blog!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I must be into something good

Where to start? Lets go with, softball next week in mesquite!!! And yes i have every intention to brag right here, but i got recruited in more or less words to go play softball in mesquite! what does that say about everyones favorite nice guy? haha yeah that's right. Also apparently friday is my lucky day and 88 is my lucky number... hopefully those two statements are true and i have an idea how they could be, but that is a story for another time. Also big breakthrough on the a line, it seems like it might be possible after to get past, yes this is a very confusing sentence but its meant to be just in case someone/something sees it. oh yah and the packers won the superbowl how freaking sweeeeet right? Its funny that all the people talking trash on the pack have all the sudden lost their words, but its ok don't feel bad for the cause i have plenty enough words for both! but anyways i thought id jot down some words add a song and now im done

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

White Liar

Wow lets see hear... I had a pretty crappy day yesterday! Started out with finding out that my trunk latch is broken and wont close. then messed up on a few cars at work. then came home and went over to amandas and when i went to get in my car to go home my car wouldn't start. and so today i had to get a ride to work like a little kid, so freaking lame! but the good news is that today was much much better. Mark came back to work which seemed to put the whole shop in a good mood today and the best part, no more ben haha he really isnt that bad anymore but still its nice. But ive figured something out today, i just dont really care for anything anymore. i mean i have hobbies and stuff but it seems like everything in my life is interchangeable and i really dont like that. its a little depressing but oh well......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As She's Walking Away

Happy slapsgiving everybody! yah im early but what the heck im bored and i wont be on tomorrow. So im doing pretty freaking good today, totally suprised ben by upselling like a pro today! Im pretty satisfied with myself. Lets see upcoming events... The turkey bowl tomorrow morning! A couple great date ideas set into action, im so close into talking myself into buying call of duty black ops. i just cant pull the trigger yet. speaking of pulling the trigger i freaking wish i was going with gary shooting guns tomorrow... DANGIT! haha but i totally got distracted by ebay and now i have no intrest in blogging so..... PEACE OUT SUCKAS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He aint the leaving kind

Its official tuesdays absoultely suck! i hate them. I'm so stoked tuesday only happens once a week! haha really i do. But anyways. So steak dinner tonight was awesome thanks todd. and lets see on a down note im in such a bog right now and i am not seeing a way out anytime soon. i mean the two really good things in my life right now are both losing fights. one is preoccupied and the other is leaving, how cruddy is that? but oh well i guess its about time life started to suck again that was a fun month or so. All good things must come to an end.... right? but why? I'm not a fan of this saying. Id like something good to happen and stay that way. i guess im trying to hard to avoid what i know is going to happen haha. but i guess its time to tell this uphill fight goodbye, as much as i want to keep this up. its impossible like trying to catch the rain. but enough of the negative depressing crap. a bright spot is always around it seems. this bright spot, watching movies with amanda. Always puts me back in a great mood. also another thing that makes me feel good, my beard! its so nasty haha. i need to trim it, but what the heck i like the way it looks, it looks like... well not me and i like that. i think im going to go buy some rogain tomorrow and slap it on and try and grow a mustache! haha i know they are hidious but its not like it will affect me with the way things are going. dang look at me rant about my poor self haha this is what not playing sports does to me, i need something to consume my time and work only last 8 hours. Im thinking country music is a good route, so we'll see where that goes. but i do know one thing for sure, im not going to make the same stupid mistakes i usually make when im bored. Time for change and thats it, going to start being super productive. starting with cleaning the house tommorrow. and then the next day im going to start activly looking for an apartment, whether or not that means by myself! but this has gone on long enoujgh im starting to get tired so peace out suckaaaaaaaaaas.